Creative Engagement Grounded In Reality

Why work with us?

Ogilvy Impact is a global employee engagement, change and communication consultancy. We exist to help leaders move their organisation forward.

Every great success story starts from the efforts of people, and in great companies that success is fuelled by its employees. They make remarkable things happen.

We work with business leaders to create communication and engagement solutions that release the untapped energy of their people, ignite the true potential of their brand and achieve business objectives.

Move thinking – change behaviour – inspire advocacy – achieve results

Engaged employees

Great companies know engaged employees become advocates and ambassadors for their business and brand, giving them the ultimate competitive edge.

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Change communication

Change is the only thing we can count on, yet most change initiatives fail to deliver – because it can be hard. And daunting. Great communication can guide organisations through change and make it work.

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Successful leaders and team managers are expected to be visible, authentic, accessible, instill confidence and inspire action from their teams. Not everyone who moves into the big chair or takes on managing teams is naturally adept at all these traits – which is where we can help.

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Issues and crisis communication

Crises and threats to your reputation can take a while to emerge, or strike quickly and without warning. Either way, when the tough stuff hits, you’ll want the best in the business by your side.

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