Creative Engagement Grounded In Reality

Why work with us?

Ogilvy Impact is a global employee engagement, change and communication consultancy. We exist to help leaders move their organisation forward.

Every great success story starts from the efforts of people, and in great companies that success is fuelled by its employees. They make remarkable things happen.

We work with business leaders to create communication and engagement solutions that release the untapped energy of their people, ignite the true potential of their brand and achieve business objectives.

Move thinking – change behaviour – inspire advocacy – achieve results

Change Communication

Change is a relentless constant in business today. Yet most change initiatives fail to deliver their true benefits. Effective communication is fundamental to guiding your people through change to your desired future state.

Whatever your change needs, from implementing a new IT system, to a major restructure, M&A or cultural transformation, we work with you to make your change stick.

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Safety Communication

It’s non-negotiable. The safety of your people is always the number one priority. We believe that accidents and injuries can be prevented, and we know the right employee safety communication and engagement is a key contributor to achieving safety targets and reducing lost time through injuries.

We understand the challenges of communicating in different environments, and can help you communicate messages and deliver behaviour change that drives compliance with your safety policies and practices.

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Brand Communication

The best brands are built from the inside out.

Through effective communication your people can deeply engage with your brand values and promise, and become your biggest advocates.

We can help connect your people and what they do with your brand strategy and values, or ensure they are endorsing and delivering on the promise of an external campaign. We can also develop internal brand campaigns that drive behavioural change.

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Sustainability Communication

In today’s environment, organisations are expected to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and CSR. To be considered truly genuine in that commitment, it has to exist within all your people.

Working with our expert partners OgilvyEarth, we can help you to develop or adapt CSR and sustainability strategies and initiatives that your people will understand, actively support and advocate.

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Issues & Crisis Communication

In the social world your brand is being discussed online. All the time. Super-fast response and meticulous preparedness are essential elements when communicating through an organisational issue. We work with our expert partners in PR, corporate and government affairs to help you engage seamlessly with all stakeholder groups, to manage or prevent issues.

If you’re already entering crisis mode, we can help get your people back on track, from strategic counsel to onsite support.

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Social Media & Digital Communication

Internal social media and digital channels can help your people connect, communicate and collaborate in ways that remove traditional barriers and boundaries. This can drive engagement in all organisations, particularly those with disparate or siloed workforces. However, all too often these great technologies fail to deliver anticipated benefits.

Working with our expert partners Social@Ogilvy, we advise on how to implement the latest social and digital channels, and provide counsel on strategies, governance and tactics to generate conversations in your organisation.

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Leadership Communication Counsel

The best leaders are great communicators. They are the ones who engage with their people to get the results they need, through their words, their stories, the meaning they convey, the observations they make, and their ability to adapt to the situational context.

We offer a range of senior-level communication support, whether you need coaching on a particular issue, key messages for a new initiative, or guidance to make the right impact in your ‘first 100 days’.

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Visions, Values & Strategy Communication

If your people believe in your vision, values and strategy, and demonstrate the behaviours that bring them to life, you have an enduring foundation for success. The power of storytelling plays a potent role in making the connections between the what, the why and the how. Yet content can only be part of the plan.

We work with you to create effective communication and engagement solutions that help determine how to move thinking and behaviour, so they align to your vision, values and strategy.

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HR, People & Culture Communication

HR and communication go hand in hand to build employee engagement and organisational culture. We can help drive through HR initiatives and changes that affect the bottom line.

We can help your people understand ‘the give and the get’ through an employee value proposition (EVP), or get behind changes to reward, recognition, policy and process. We can also help guide your people through Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA) and Workplace Agreements communication.

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